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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  September 12, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> it's not an easy shot with the loop in swing of his with the ball below his feet. play it way back the his stance. trap draw it maybe. >> wow. >> kind of came out flying. >> johnson with the gallery behind the green. >> don't blink now. >> 184. nice lie. >> what is this a little 8 iron? >> it's not a big one, i don't think. >> turn it with the wind. >> it's right in the hole. actually turning back toward it now. >> that might go down the hill. nope. a par wins it. >> well played. great drive and a well played second.
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after coming off a perfectly played 17th hole for birdie. that's a nice walk up for him. >> a very interesting year in the world of golf. he has been through more than dustin johnson. he has almost been talked about more than the guys that have won the major championships that he had an excellent chance to win. pebble beach, he had a three-shot lead and forget that martin kymer won there because dustin johnson swirled in so much controversy over the bunker he didn't think was a bunker, so many people around the shot, and that's something he's had to live with, but here he is in the next big championship, the final round sunday heat better than anybody else. >> we talked about the bunker but it was a shot that went in the bunker is the one that last it for him. >> this would be his fourth pga tour title at the age of 26.
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you've heard all the guys from tiger to mickelson and all the really good players of the day talk about how talented this 26-year-old golfer is. four titles would be the most by any player currently under 30 years old. dustin johnson is proving that he's the best player around in his 20s. >> his potential is almost unlimited. the fact that he has a good cutting stroke, he has to work on that shot from 50 to 100 yards and the bunker play. besides that i like everything about him. >> struggled last week, finishing in a tie for 57th at the deutsch bank championship. everything kind of clicked here this week. >> exciting player to watch because he's sort of like phil, he will hit that driver, he goes for shots. he always, always hitting at the flag. >> what about pairing phil and dustin at the ryder cup. >> you know, you would want him every time. he would be the perfect partner.
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i don't know about the alternate shot one. he does drive it well. >> when they posted matt kuchar's score, it jumped k.j. choi up into the 25th spot. it took haas out of the top 30 into 31. fowler is down another notch. van pelt is now back in. >> yeah. it's very interesting. too bad about rickie fowler. playing in the ryder cup. he's a fun guy to watch. you late to have him out of the field along with tiger woods out of the field. >> casey needs a three-putt here from dustin johnson. >> doing a lot of chatting there. >> i would think this is a pretty important spot for ryan moore right now too. >> yeah. >> he has got a very hard shot here. i mean this ball is a good 20 feet past the green, downhill lie. >> a bogey or better, ryan moore
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stays in the top 30 because of what kufrper has done. >> i hope he's not trying to land it where he's talking about. >> you know he does have the water behind the hole too. >> this is a tough shot. >> if he knew exactly where he stood i think i would play it out to the left. >> i think his caddie just mentioned that. >> well, we -- he has a history, as roger said, of these guys asking what they need. >> he said, if you can get under it, fine take the line at the hole. if not let's play it out to the left. >> either that or try to land it kind of right there. little left. >> got some grass under. >> a little bit of grass.
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>> i honestly think it could kick so hard it bounces over the green. >> straight little line. >> yep. >> right there, mark? >> i am, johnny. he tries to land it short of the green it's a pretty severe downslope it might ricochet more than if it landed on the green. >> he's looking left. >> i think he has to go that way. >> pretty good line. it will come back to the right a little long. that better stop though. >> i think it's all right. >> third shot. get it down in two from there and it would be okay. >> he was dead. you were right, mark.
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>> i'll tell you, dustin johnson has no bar grin from up here. you would think he's going to two-putt. most of the time he's an excellent long putter. it is not easiest of putts. his ball is sitting back in the shad shadow, putting into the sun light. >> the good news, we haven't seen one player today have trouble with this putt. every player has two-putted it. just not quite as quick as you would think it is. >> well, if kuchar didn't miss that one, sorry. >> kuchar did three-putt. there's paul casey, hoping that how he's got a new life to win this championship and get into a playoff. >> i hope he doesn't hit it where kuchar did, because kuchar hit a heck of a second putt and it dove on him. want to cozy it down there and let gravity be your friend. it kicks left a little bit in the middle of the putt.
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>> yes. >> how about just about perfect. >> now that's the way to finish off a championship. three-four finish, that will do it under pressure. >> how big was that birdie at 17. obviously the par here is huge. >> there's two drives on 17 and 18, very aggressive and he just earned them this championship. >> highest winning score in 19 years at coghill, the 9 under that billy mayfair put up back in 1995 and that's exactly where dustin johnson should finish. >> that had to be a hard decision for ryan moore to hit away from the flag, knowing that he had a little outside chance of getting into a playoff if he makes it, you know.
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>> just two putts from here and ryan moore will get in the top 30. >> how fast can you say georgia? >> obviously disappointed he didn't hang on to his lead to win for the second time out here on the pga tour, but ryan moore, with a very respectable final round sundayp. he got into trouble at the 11th when his tee shot went out of bounds but he was 5 back at the time and battled his way back to have a chance. >> there it is for the win. >> justin johnson is the latest winner in the playoffs for the talented 26-year-old. >> very nice. >> very popular too. people love to watch him play golf. he just rips it.
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>> no meltdown, no controversy today for dustin johnson. he puts it away down the stretch and he was the only player on the leaderboard without a bogey on the back nine. so johnson, a one shot winner over paul casey. matt kuchar will lead the way into atlanta with another impressive performance at 6 under, tied with choi. ryan moore and kevin na. we take a look at the up-to-date standings. matt kuchar remains on top at number one. those are the top five. if any of those players, kufrper, johnson, hoffman, casey, stricker win at east lake they win the whole thing. the rest of the players who advance to that tour championship presented by coca-cola, kevin na with an impressive performance here this week to get in at number 20. and then bo van pelt, just on the line. tiger out of it, in 42nd. let's go down to mark rolfing. >> thank you very much. after so many strange sundays this summer, dustin, what does
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it feel like now to win a championship this important? >> oh, it feels great. i've had a lot of unfortunate situations happen on sunday this year, but the last sunday of the pga, i still played really good golf. but today, i really hung in there all day, i played good, hit the ball really well all day, hit all the flags and it paid off. >> can you take this mow men tunnel down to atlanta and win it all? >> that's the plan. i'm starting to swing the ball really well. i drove it well today, putted pretty well and, you know, hit really good iron shots. hopefully it will carry over into atlanta. >> way to go. >> thank you. >> dan? >> dustin johnson, wins the bmw championship. next stop, couple of weeks, the tour championship as the top 30 will be there at eastlake. the tour championship presented by cokacology la. coming up next is your news and then sunday is football, the dallas cowboys to take on the
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redskins. live coverage begins with football night in america at 7:00 eastern time. what a week it's been on the outskirts of chicago. for our nbc golf team, johnny miller, gary koch, jimmy roberts and dottie pepper, dan hicks saying so long from coghill. dustin johnson, wins the bmw. you've been watching golf's best on nbc sports.
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there are football rivalries, and then there are the cowboys/redskins games. in about two hours the boys take their matchup to a whole new level. two prime time debuts. and kwb donovan mcnab.
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good sunday, everyone. last season's nightmare seemed like a lifetime ago for redskins nation. tonight the fans are ready, the team is ready. and so are we. we have live team coverage tonight. john is hanging out with the tailgaters. with start with dan and lindsay on the field at fedex. season openers don't get much bigger than this. if you're basing it on last year, the least of the east against the beast of the east. the redskins' 4-10 record was the worst in the division east. >> so many unknowns to the game. not only donovan mcnab's first time out there, i'm excited to see how the defense is going to do. this is a completely new look defense. the redskins have not thrown in all their cards preseason. >> not at ul. this is an entirely different look. albert haynesworth overshadowed so many story lines.
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one thing is for sure. this is the third straight year they play the cowboys. the players are always jacked up for this prime time stage. what about the head coach? >> i look at pluses and minuses. sunday night you get a chance to play in front of the country. you're on stage. all the other teams get a chance to watch you. it's important to our players and the organization. then sometimes you like a routine. monday night is the same thing. it's tough to have a short week. there's pluses and minuses to everything. >> you have to wonder if he still gets nervous for a game like this. >> i think hi does. he says he really enjoys a saturday night when we he can have dinner with the players and look ahead to this game. this is going to be a huge matchup for the redskins.
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>> prime time sunday night football. redskins and cowboys. we'll have more in a few minutes. >> we breesht that. heard from the player there is. fans were lining up since midnight to get into the parking lot. john is there now. he's in the middle of all the tailgating madness. what's up, john? >> how you doing, craig in this is certainly the place to be. we have redskins fans, we have cowboys fans packing every inch of this parking lot. they've set up the tent. the grills are going. the sky above is gray, but a little rain is not going to ruin this day. they woke up bright and early to be here and be a very part of this unique game day experience. redskins take this very seriously. >> you are getting booed out here. >> my first nfl games. >> the rivalry is heating up
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hours before game time. many of these fans camped out the night before to be the first first ones in when the gates opened at 12 noon. redskins owner dan schneider added jumbo screens in the parking lot so fans could watch others throughout the day. the fans and cheerleaders also put on a shoi to get the party started. >> it is amazing. i cannot describe how amazing this is with all the redskin fans. i'm having a redskin wedding. >> what would a tailgate be without the food? sizzling grills packed with burgers, hot dogs and sausages. some added decorations around the tent with this tony romo doll. >> later he's going to be burned. >> reporter: with redskins fever everywhere you look, they have no doubt about the outcome. >> the redskins are going to
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win. >> final score? >> 17-0. >> they're expecting a shutout out here. many of the fans are already here in the parking lot. if you haven't come just yet, metro officials say metro is not a bad way to come. metro will be open until 1:00 a.m. after the game. reporting here live from fedex field. with less than 48 hours to go before d.c.'s primary elections, there's a new round of finger pointing between the two leading candidates for mayor. at issue, are votes being traded for money, jobs, and groceries? here's derek ward. >> reporter: the latest allegations stem from saturday, the last day of early voting for the primaries. as it was explained to him, people started showing up at the southeast polling place asking about gift cards. a story evolved that it was being offered by someone with the gray campaign. they say voters were being offered gift cards. many campaign workers went to
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investigat investigate. >> they found there was a whole group of people being told if they went and voted they would get a gift card and the people doing it were either volunteers affiliates or employees of my opponent's campaign. >> can i get a giant gift card to vote? >> it's not to vote. >> what are we getting it for? >> for lunch or for dinner. >> we can certainly identify no one in our campaign who has anything to do with any gift cards. the person involved in the video said something about nonpartisan. >> no, we're nonpartisan. you can vote for whoever. you can vote for yourself. >> if anybody running a campaign gives a gift card or a free lunch to a worker or volunteer,
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that's one thing. if you give it to someone to get them to go vote, that's a blatant violation of the law. >> reporter: last week the gray campaign says the workers were doing just that. allege the allegations against his camp should be taken in that context. gray asked for an investigation into those allegations. >> both candidates want voters to consider their records when deciding who to vote for. derek ward, news 4. >> a major endorsement in the county executive race. this afternoon jack johnson threw his support behind michael a. jackson to replace him as county executive. he's been a sheriff in the county the past eight years. jack johnson says there are still many undecided voters and he'll turj the voters to pull the for jackson.
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>> i thee when we look at the candidates, i think michael has the right combination of skills to move us forward and the right compassion. >> michael a. jackson has four challengers in the democratic primary. voters will head to the polls tuesday. a couple was found dead in their home last night, and at this point, it looks like they were shot. emergency crews went to the home of claire stout and reginald -- around 6:00 last night. one of the kids found the parents. all three kids were home at the time. the children are now staying with family members. a huge crowd went to the capitol with a message for lawmakers, less government and lower taxes. it was one of several tea party rallies held across the country. events also held in st. louis and sacramento.
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the theme for today's rally, remember in november. referring, of course, to the group's call to energize fiscal conservatives before this year's midterm elections. >> i'm here for the first time ever in washington. tell the congress and the federal government they have to stop. they have to stop the spending. >> democrats have seven weeks to rally voters. for both parties and voters as well. it's all about the economy. president obama plans to create new jobs with infrastructure projects, give breaks for small businesses and extend tax cuts for the middle class. still ahead, authorities are trying to figure out who left the newborn inside a bag on an overseas flight. also a jailed american hiker in iran has some health problems.
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what authorities plan to do with him. and president obama's image. he's not just hurting democrats anymore. we'll explain. what's up with the weather, doug? >> we found much needed rain. some locations could get over half an inch. is it host: could switching to geico really save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance? was abe lincoln honest? mary: does this dress make my backside look big? abe: perhaps... save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance?really host: is having a snowball fight with pitching great randy johnson a bad idea?
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man: yeah, i'm thinking maybe this was a bad idea.
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you could switch for great gas mileage or seats that flip and fold with one hand. you could switch for up to 600 highway miles on a single tank of gas. or the hundred-thousand mile powertrain warranty. over a thousand people a day are switching to chevy. they're not just trading in, they're trading up. qualified lessees can get low mileage lease on this 2011 malibu ls for around one ninety-nine a month. call for details. the switch to chevy starts at a newborn managed to survive
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being put inside a bag. they found him in a garbage inside a bag after they landed. officials believe the baby was born during the flight. nurses say the infant is in good health at this point officials do not know who or where the mother is. iranian officials are ready to release one of the three american jailed hikers. there's a catch. first, they want a half million dollars in bail for sarah shourd. iranian officials say they deliberately crossed the border from iraq. they also claim that they're spies. that's something the hikers' families deny. her lawyers say she should be freed in a few days. when we come back, the clouds have moved out just in time for kickoff. doug tell
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